Welcome to Pastime

An illustration of various people playing sports

From an aerial view, Pastime is thoughtful, unhurried sportswriting and beautiful illustration, treated with care. It’s born from the idea that sportswriting is better when it’s personal. With Pastime, you’ll find profiles, essays, and features, all based in the belief that by thinking seriously about sport, it becomes more than a box score. That sport, like art, literature, and film, is a pretty good way to learn about ourselves.

Zoom in, though, and it becomes important to understand what Pastime is, by learning what it’s not. Pastime isn’t news. It’s also not strategic analysis; there are many wonderful places better suited to offer that. Pastime is not a home for attention-grabbing hot-takery. Instead, Pastime is enthusiastically small. In our view, massive editorial ambition is best pursued through modest publishing expectation. By limiting our focus, we also hope to limit distraction.

Seasons of Pastime are released directly to email inboxes. This is season one: Fifteen standalone pieces of sportswriting, with original illustration.